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Seat Heaters - Heated Seats - Bun Warmers

It doesn’t matter what you call these little creature comfort necessities, this 12-volt automotive accessory is a necessity in our Canadian climate and does not qualify as a luxury option in my books. Once you have driven in a vehicle with heated seats on a cold Calgary, Edmonton, or Red Deer winter morning, you will never want to be without this modern day driving comfort "Must Have option" on any of your vehicles again.

Reduced Back Ache & Bone Chill - Increased Driving Comfort

Heated seats, sure make cold weather driving more comfortable. Here at Wright Restyling, we can install car heated seats in virtually any vehicle. These work well under cloth, vinyl or leather seat covers. Weather you push snow around all day in a bobcat or bought a vehicle that simply did not get this option during assembly, we can fit your seat with this winter driving necessity.

Installing Seat Heaters

Each aftermarket heated seat kit comes with two heating elements, one for the bottom cushion and the other for the back cushion. Each pad is built from carbon fiber, which is the latest standard of choice for most OEM seat heater elements. The benefit of carbon fiber is its thread like qualities that require very little voltage to produce lots of heat. Each seat will have a thermostat that will automatically lower the temperature if it has reached the maximum temperature.

The dual temperature switch with LED makes these bun warmers, very easy to control. Switch mounting options are endless and could include mounting on each individual seat base, on the dash or centrally mounted in the console for maximum driver access and control.

Installation of the dual element kit under the factory seat covers are fairly straight forward. Various methods of access have been incorporated from each manufacturer however each seat manufactured now days is assembled by a machine and the point of access no longer requires complex tools to gain entry to the area between the cushion and the cover. Once the seat cover has been removed, the heat element pad can be adjusted in size to fit the chair seat and back then properly adhered to the foam padding. The next step is to run the wires for the dual temperature switch and hook up power to a 12 volt accessory source. From here we mount and hook up the wires for the switch and reinstall the vehicle upholstery being very careful not to create any fold in the element as this will create a hot spot.

Repairs to heated seats

Factory, OEM heated seat elements have been known to stop working on occasion. Especially if the vehicle has seen a lot of miles that requires increased movement in the seat. If your vehicle has original equipped heated seats that are temperamental or no longer work, not to worry, we have qualified technicians that can evaluate the fault and determine a remedy. From simple power supply difficulty caused by a burnt fuse to complex switching or wiring difficulties and even an open heating element we know how to find and solve the problem affordably, so you can drive in comfort.