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Our Team

Sasha Gallant

Internal Coordinator & Accounts Receivable
Areas of Expertise:
Office Administration; Project Management & Logistics
Favourite Quote:

"Life is not a spectator sport."

- Jackie Robinson

About Sasha
Sasha loves working on her own vehicles, and brings many of her own lessons learned into the project management process. Away from work, quality time with family, friends, and pets is Sasha’s go-to activity.

James Martsch

Areas of Expertise:
Jack of all trades, master of none
Favourite Quote:

"Lets try that again, I think your radar gun is broken"

- Unknown

About James
James is the jokester on the team, and he brings this energy to his role every day as he manages shop operations and timelines. His goal is always to have clients saying, “Amazing!” when they see their completed project, and he especially loves hearing that customers see the value in their investment.

If he could choose any project, it would be anything fast, turbo, supercharged, unique, or super cool. While James admits he can be a bit of a workaholic, and his form of relaxation is often looking up car project ideas, he does also enjoy exposing friends and family to his sense of humour.

Greg Wright

Areas of Expertise:
Visionary, planning, marketing
Favourite Quote:

"Don’t let others stop you from doing what you know is right."

- Adapted from Margaret Thatcher

About Greg
Greg is the co-owner of Wright ReStyling, alongside his wife, Karin. In his more than 23 years in business ownership, he’s found that having the strength of a great team and setting the example of always completing tasks to the highest standard are the keys to a great business.

A completely satisfied customer and a happy, hardworking team are Greg’s biggest indicators of success, and his dream project is a little more old-school than many of his teams’ – taking the shape of a ’65 Chevy Corvair Convertible! At home, he especially loves long distance trail running with his dog, Finnegan as well as spending time with Karin and their three children.

Vikong Noithongkham

Inventory manager
Areas of Expertise:
Inventory Management
Favourite Quote:

"It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness"

- Charles Spurgeon

About Vikong
Vikong prides himself on his organizational skills and ability to support the team, which means keeping close track of parts and supplies so that everything the installers need to do great work is on hand, because efficiency makes a huge impact on client perception.

In Vikong’s mind, a job well done is defined by a happy customer, and he enjoys being an integral part of making that happen. In his home life, you can find him dog sitting the Wright ReStyling mascot, Finn, cooking, and biking.

Karin Wright

CFO, Managing Partner
Areas of Expertise:
Human Resources & Office Management
Favourite Quote:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."

- Wayne Gretzky

About Karin
People are Karin’s biggest focus, whether that is clients or the staff. When handling the office management decisions, she is always looking to help support the team, because she knows that they will have everything they need to give clients the best possible service.

Karin knows she’s done her job well when she sees happy, content employees coming in to work each day. Similarly, Karin appreciates the people in her personal life, and spends much of her free time with family, painting, crafting, or reading.

Cindy Craig

Product Specialist
Areas of Expertise:
Katzkin Leather Interiors
Favourite Quote:

"Everything happens for a reason."

- Unknown

About Cindy
As a design specialist, Cindy sees her role as the key to bringing the customer’s vision to life by helping them communicate it. Hearing a customer say that their vehicle looks even better than they thought it would is Cindy’s highest compliment.

Cindy’s favourite projects are custom Katzkin designs for all vehicle types. As a summer person, her personal time varies with the season. In summer you can find her camping and soaking up the sun, while in winter, hibernating on her couch with a blanket is her idea of a good time.

Randy Bates

Automotive Upholstery Installer
Areas of Expertise:
Leather Kit Vehicle Installations
Life Motto:

"I try to live my life everyday as if my glass is half full, not half empty"

- Randy Bates

About Randy
Leatherwork requires both technique and creativity, and it’s often the first thing people notice when they get in their cars, so Randy is always working with a keen eye for even the smallest details to ensure each project has a beautiful finish while still meeting efficient timelines.

Randy loves when clients are impressed by quality of his work, and his favourite projects are when he gets to work on Ford trucks. When he’s not working, Randy enjoys exercising his artistic eye with drawing and painting, as well as spending time outdoors hiking or swimming.

Jeff Ancell

12v Installer
Areas of Expertise:
Mobile Electronics & Diagnostic
Life Motto:

"It’s just a matter of time before they add ‘syndrome’ after my last name.” 

- Unknown

About Jeff
Jeff’s infectious energy and cheeky sense of humour make each day an adventure for his colleagues. While his personality may not be serious, his work ethic is, and once he’s on a project he won’t quit until everything is running smoothly.

Jeff is known for his willingness to work with the client until they are completely satisfied with the result. At home, when he’s not spending time with his teenage kids, he takes his passion for small electronics with him and can often be found tinkering with them or creating on his 3D or laser printers.

Finnegan Jr. Wright

Morale Officer
Areas of Expertise:
Tail wagging, puppy dog eyes when begging for food, greeting people at the door, howling, vacuuming food off the floor.
Life Motto:

"I have never met a burger I didn’t like!."

- Finnegan Jr. Wright

About Finnegan
For Finn, life doesn’t get much better than having an official job where he gets to go to work with his pawrents every day, and he takes his work seriously. He knows he’s been the best boy when he gets paid in treats.

Finn’s favourite vehicle to work on is a food truck, and he promises that the floor will be spotless when he’s done with it – if you could just leave a few snacks behind he’d appreciate it. At home he runs with his dad and the CEO, Greg, and also enjoys breakfast, dinner, and midday snoozes.

Steve VanWeber

Areas of Expertise:
12v System Design; Installation & Diagnostics
Favourite Quote:

"Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you’re donating blood."

- Bill Murray

About Steve
Each job Steve takes on is a new way to test his skills, and he’s always looking for ways to improve the appearance and performance of every vehicle he works on. Getting that thrilled smile from a client is Steve’s ultimate reward for a job well done.

Steve is always interested in taking on new projects that are a little outside the norm, so he can find creative solutions that work. This extends to his personal life, where his own time is often spent doing exactly what he does at work.

Troy Sutherland

Auto Trimmer
Areas of Expertise:
Upholstery & Trim
Life Motto:

"If you’re going to do it, do it right.” ."

- Unknown

About Troy
Troy is all about perfection. In his role, it’s the finishing touches that really make the work stand out, so he is serious about consistently keeping that level of quality high from beginning to end. The highest compliment Troy can receive is having someone tell him it’s flawless.

Single cab, short box trucks are Troy’s favourite projects – making this style of vehicle look great on the road is always fun for him. When he’s not at work, Troy can most often be found spending his down time with his family.