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Parking Sensors – Know Where You Are

Experience the difference that parking sensors make when you install an aftermarket system.

Stay true to your factory or custom look, and feel the confidence you get when you know what’s around you.
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Park Safely, Sense What’s Around You, and Feel More Confident

Here at Wright ReStyling, we are committed to providing quality aftermarket upgrades for your vehicles. We know that your vehicle is important to you, and safety and peace of mind is essential. Which is why we offer quality parking systems that sense what’s around you and notify you when you get too close.

For new and experienced drivers alike – there is nothing like a safer car. Aftermarket parking solutions sense your environment and let you know what’s around you. Many accidents happen in places like parking lots, and accidents happen every single day. Maybe you get just a little too close and back into someone’s car. Maybe your insurance goes up. Maybe it’s not even covered. And maybe this could have been prevented.

Feel that peace of mind when you step into a vehicle with an aftermarket sensor system. Know that when you back up, you can do it confidently. Here at Wright ReStyling, we want to give you that safety and confidence you need on the road. 

Accident Prevention Solutions for Everyday Drivers

We offer a wide range of products that help keep you safer on the road. One popular product is parking sensors. These sensors install on your bumper – front or rear – and they help to prevent accidents large and small. When you know what’s around you, you really can begin to feel more confident in those tight spaces and sticky situations. And you’ll be impressed with how these sensors look, too.  

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For All your Automotive Upgrade Needs

We make cars happy. We improve safety. We increase comfort. We help make your car look and feel like the car of your dreams. Ok, we can’t make your car fly, but we can improve so many other things that you’ll never want a flying car. You’ll want your car, in all its glory. You can have it all at Wright ReStyling, but we often recommend that you start with safety in mind.

Quality Aftermarket Systems and Vehicle Upgrades

Here at Wright ReStyling, we believe that we offer top of the line products and services that can improve your safety, comfort, and peace of mind on the road. And we are passionate about what we do. Every day, we help our satisfied customers improve the look and feel of their vehicle. 

Imagine not knowing where your car is in relation to other cars. Now imagine that you have sensors telling you when you’re close to other cars. Which scenario would you rather have? Which would feel better? Which would give you an added layer of peace of mind? Which would help to protect you and your passengers from accidents? 

Now is always the right time to improve your safety on the road. Ask us about our safety upgrades for your vehicle needs today.

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For Parking sensor upgrades

Accidents happen. But some can be prevented. Get your aftermarket parking sensor solution today. Call us for more info and to book your appointment now.