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Car Audio Installation in Calgary

Prepare for your next road trip or make your morning commute better with car audio upgrades.

For most people, part of enjoying their vehicle is enjoying the audio in it. Whether you want to listen to the radio, connect your phone to listen to music, or use audio-based features in your vehicle, the quality of the sound matters.

We offer car stereo installation and other audio upgrades in Calgary that will keep your car sounding great all year long. Discover why you should work with our team on your car speakers and what benefits you might get from your upgrades.

Have questions about our car audio installation services? Contact us today, we will be happy to help!

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Better Car Audio

For many people, smooth, bold sound is a must in their vehicle. Whether you’d like a speaker system loud enough for a block party or you just want something crisp enough to truly enjoy your favorite sounds, there are many aftermarket car audio systems that can meet your needs. Let us help design the car audio system that fits your lifestyle.

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Car Speaker Upgrades

About Car Audio Installation

Can you perform a car stereo installation yourself? You can. But it can be quite the hassle. Pulling trim, taking off your door panels, adjusting the clips, and attaching the wiring properly can be a frustrating project if you haven’t done it before and sometimes even if you have.

Our team of professionals can do the project for you! We provide some things you may not be able to get yourself, including professional advice about which vehicle sound system is best for you and offer manufacturer warranties on those systems. Plus, for larger custom audio installations, we offer some additional services such as fabrication of custom sub enclosures, modifying factory trim components, fabricating mounting brackets and more!

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When Do You Need a Car Stereo Installer?

When might you consider reaching out to a professional for your car audio system upgrade? There are a few circumstances where you may need our help.
  • Upgrades: Even when you buy new, not all vehicles in Calgary are equipped with the kind of audio system that you might want. Getting an upgrade can give you the audio experience that you need.
  • Theft: Unfortunately, thieves often target the audio systems on your vehicle. We can replace a system that was stolen, or even get a better system you’ll enjoy more.
  • Buying used: When you buy an older vehicle you may find it isn’t equipped with the kind of car sound system that you would enjoy. You can get a new sound without getting a new car.
  • Replacements: Is there an issue with your audio system? Repairs are possible, but when they aren’t you’ll likely want a professional replacement to ensure that the new system doesn’t develop the same problem.
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For Car audio upgrades

Do You Really Need Car Speaker Upgrades?

At Wright ReStyling, we’re all about empowering you to choose the vehicle upgrades that will make your life better. If that includes a new audio system, then we’re happy to be the team to properly, timely, and professionally install it for you.

Reach out to us today for high-quality car audio installation in Calgary.