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Car Cameras & Sensors

We provide the best car cameras and back up sensors in Canada

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What Is the Function of a Dash Camera?

Your safety is our main concern. A dash camera or dashboard-mounted camera is a device designed to record everything that occurs while you are driving. It consists of a single or dual lens digital camera mounted to your dashboard or your window with a suction cup and a separate camera out the rear window (optional). The camera is powered through wiring to your vehicle, batteries, or the cigarette lighter.
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Dashboard Camera Icons


Protecting yourself with a real time, exact record when involved in an accident


Protecting your vehicle while it is parked. Goes to sleep and activates with motion.


Recording HD images while traveling that you would normally never get to review again. Wildlife, forest fires, etc.

What Features Should I Look For In a Dash Camera?

We recommend getting one with a looping feature so that it automatically records over old footage which is no longer needed. With a looping feature, you don’t have to delete footage manually. Image quality is critical — your dash cam should record in 2560 x 1080 — anything less than 1080 isn’t going to give you the quality you need.

More Options

Another option is a dash cam that has a G-force sensor which will detect if you’ve been in an accident and can save that footage rather than looping over it.

It should also be able to record nighttime footage. You can also add in motion sensors to detect and record break-ins and most importantly, a battery backup.

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Back-up Cameras

Stay safe when you drive with a back up camera system.

Many vehicles now arrive from the factory with a rearview camera system, but you don’t have to buy a new or used vehicle with a rearview camera to get the feature. You can add an aftermarket rearview camera to your vehicle, and the choices range from complete easy add-on camera-and-monitor packages to cameras that can be added to your car’s existing in-dash monitor.
Car Camera Attachment

Back up sensors to add another safety layer.

To provide even more safety systems for your car, consider adding a back up sensor. It works in tandem with a backup camera system. Even if you aren’t looking at the rearview monitor, you’ll receive an audible warning.
How does a backup sensor work?

How does a backup sensor work?

These sensors use high-frequency sound to detect obstacles. Typically, they are powered off your reverse lights. The more sensors your system has, the more information it can provide about your surroundings and the higher the accuracy

Factory Screen Integration

Camera and sensor integration to factory screen may be the perfect solution if you want to install reverse camera but don’t want to alter the look of your dash. Talk to Wright ReStyling for a solution — we’ve got a wide range of products and highly experienced technicians.

Do I Have To Purchase a Sensor When I Get Backup Camera System?

A back up sensor can easily be added later on to your existing backup camera system. If you feel you want the ultimate in protection and safety, the sensor alerts you audibly in case you’ve missed something on your monitor.

License Plate Mounted Cameras

A back up sensor can easily be added later on to your existing backup camera system. If you feel you want the ultimate in protection and safety, the sensor alerts you audibly in case you’ve missed something on your monitor.
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Truck Cameras

Having heavy-duty cameras installed on your trucks means you have recorded footage to protect you again false claims and saves you money. A truck camera encourages safer driving practices, protects your assets and can help optimize productivity. Wright ReStyling offers reliable systems to fit within your budget.
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Commercial Vehicle Cameras

If you manage a fleet, you’ve likely had a driver get into an accident occasionally. It can be difficult to know what happened without being there. That’s why having a commercial vehicle camera installed to capture the entire front and peripheral views of a vehicle can ensure you know exactly what’s happened.

Additional cameras can be installed to capture driver behavior and blind spots. Microphones can be included with the cameras for audio recording to capture driver behavior. They operate automatically and are resistant to tampering. Dash Cams capture events as they happen. This can assist in the event that you may need to prove fault. Video of an event can save valuable time and money.
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