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Katzkin Leather Interiors in Calgary

Do you wish you had purchased a vehicle with leather seats? Or, are yours worn or damaged?

Aftermarket leather seat installation can make your vehicle more luxurious and make driving it a more comfortable, classy experience. When leather seats are too expensive at the dealership, getting professional installation of aftermarket options is a great, cost-effective solution. Discover what Katzkin leather seats offer you and why Wright ReStyling is the best team to install them for you.
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Katszkin Leather Interiors

Leather Seats Lifestyle and Value

When you choose aftermarket leather seating in Calgary you have many more options than you do when you buy a vehicle where the manufacturer includes leather seats. Not only is it possible for you to get a better quality leather than you might in a higher-end vehicle package, but you also have more choices in terms of colour and pattern. You can choose leather seats that reflect your personality and the kind of experience you want to have in your vehicle. You can even add in heated leather seats to make your car more comfortable in our Calgary winters.
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Why Katzkin Leather Interiors?

Katzkin leather interiors are well-known for quality and durability. This premium leather is luxurious and will feel like a large upgrade from cloth interiors and potentially even from the leather seats you may already have. Depending on the vehicle you may also need leather on your door panels or your center console coverings and Katzkin makes these as well. Leather used for a Katzkin interior either meets or exceeds OEM specifications
We can ensure you get Katzkin’s great warranty, 3 years or 60,000 Km, whichever comes first. Leather used for a Katzkin interior either meets or exceeds OEM specifications, including in finish and fit.

Katzkin has custom leather for all kinds of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.
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Katzkin Leather Chair Interior

Build Your Own Katzkin Interior

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Katskin Interior Builder

Professional Installation of Custom Leather Seats

While Katzkin leather seats are exceptional in quality, people report that they also find them difficult to install. The whole point of investing in some great leather is the experience, so why frustrate yourself?

At Wright ReStyling, we have a team of professionals that can install these seats for you and ensure it is done properly, with no headache for you.

We’ll ensure the leather is as you ordered it before we start, and then make sure that it is properly secured to your vehicle so that it looks just as you would expect to see if the vehicle had just rolled out of the dealership.

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Do You Need Aftermarket Leather Seats?

You can transform the look and feel of any vehicle with aftermarket leather seats. But do you need to? It’s up to you. At Wright ReStyling we’re committed to not pushing you into vehicle upgrades and accessories that you don’t want. If you decide that leather interiors are a priority for you, then we are happy to install the best option, including the colour and pattern you want.
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