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IGLA is a unique device designed to protect your car against theft or carjacking. It offers an innovative mechanism of door locking via the car's standard circuit conduit, so there is no additional wiring to be easily found by thieves.

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IGLA anti-theft systems are designed to protect vehicles from theft and burglary.

IGLA is a unique device that makes use of an innovative door-locking mechanism to ensure security. Inside your vehicle, the standard circuit conduits are used, so there’s no additional wiring that can be found. In today’s market, IGLA is the smart approach to your vehicle’s security. Locks can be deactivated using a personal tag, a smartphone device, or with a PIN-code. The key to security is that IGLA anti-theft systems can’t be easily found – the device does not appear until the engine is started.

Unfortunately, vehicle theft is on the rise in most major cities. With advanced technology, thieves are manipulating customized Key Fobs to very effectively steal vehicles. With IGLA installed in your vehicle, it’s the difference between having peace-of-mind security and a stolen vehicle.

What are the capabilities of IGLA anti-theft systems?

With IGLA, there’s no need for additional wiring or modules – and therefore the system makes it impossible for thieves to over-ride. As the vehicle owner, you can disarm the system by using a Key-Fob, a smartphone, or using a PIN code. IGLA is the ultimate in modern-day vehicle security.

1. Engine/Transmission Blocking

The engine and automatic transmission are locked without intervening car controls or circuits.

4. Safe jamming anti-hi-jack mode

The anti-hi-jack mode ensures safe jamming of the vehicle engine in the event of a violent theft

2. Authorization and Deactivation

For system authorization/deactivation, vehicle owners use a Key-Fob, smartphone or PIN-code

5. User-friendly service mode

There’s no need for anyone to know about the device – only the vehicle owner(s) can deactivate

3. Completely safe for the engine

IGLA anti-theft systems are safe for the engine, and the car warranty is maintained with effect

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