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Drone Mobile (LTE)

Key Features:

  • Smartphone Control – Enables remote start, keyless entry & more from virtually anywhere!
  • Unlimited Range – Control & track your car from anywhere.
  • Works with Your Car – Compatible with over 90% of vehicles on the road.
  • GPS Tracking – Locate your vehicle using DroneMobile Maps.
  • Curfew Alerts – Monitor after-hours driving.
  • History Log – Review past activity/alerts.
  • Maintenance Reminders – Set mileage-based service reminders.
  • Points of interest – Receive alerts when exiting/entering an area.
  • Push Notifications – Receive alerts via smartphone or e-mail.
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Experience DroneMobile 4.0.

The DroneMobile 4.0 app for iPhone and Android is the most user-friendly version of our smartphone connected solution. In addition to being faster, the new app introduces an enhanced home screen that shows you more information about your vehicle. Watch our video to see the new DroneMobile app in action.

Control Your Vehicle from Anywhere

Locking your doors and remote starting your vehicle has never been easier and faster. The new DroneMobile app presents a control interface that is accessible from nearly anywhere within the application.

Get to Know Your Car

The new DroneMobile 4.0 app introduces our redesigned home screen, which features “widgets” that each show a different aspect of your vehicle’s status. You can rearrange these widgets to show you the information that is most useful for you and your family.
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Set Custom Alerts

Setting up custom alerts for things like speeding*, curfews, geofences, and maintenance can now all be done from within the DroneMobile app. This makes the DroneMobile app easier to use if you are staying connected with a young driver in your family.

*DroneMobile Premium plan required for GPS features. 1 Year and 3 Year plans available with purchase.

Your Family, Connected

Speaking of young drivers, the new DroneMobile 4.0 app now features the ability to share your vehicles with another member of your family.

You can do this by sending a Family Sharing “invite” from the DroneMobile app. Your family members and friends will then be invited to create their own DroneMobile accounts to gain access to your vehicles.

Great for Businesses Too!

Whether you’re a concerned parent or a proactive business owner, DroneMobile is great for multi-vehicle accounts. DroneFleet.com is a desktop application available to all DroneMobile users.

If you have a DroneMobile Business subscription, DroneFleet.com provides additional analytics about your team’s driving behaviors – with additional alerts for detecting excessive idling and route inefficiencies.

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Powered by LTE

The DroneMobile DR-5400 utilizes an LTE connection with 3G fallback to connect to your vehicle. Note: this is a separate connection from your smartphone’s cellular contract.

About Remote Car Starters from Wright ReStyling

The Right Remote Car Starter for the Right Solution
Wright ReStyling offers only remote car starter products that have been proven to be the best so you never have to worry about remote starting capabilities. You can relax knowing your car starter is dependable and reliable. All our installations are completed so that your vehicle’s on-board system is maintained.

Installed Right for the Long-term

Intermittent connections and corroded wires are the leading causes of remote car starter failure. To prevent this, Wright ReStyling solders and insulates all wire-to-wire connections to avoid corrosion. Your remote car starter will function just as it had been factory-installed. Attention to detail is what makes Wright Restyling stand out — your new remote car starter system won’t interfere with any of the other mechanical wiring in your vehicle.

Your ultimate ride starts with Wright ReStyling!

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