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Vehicle Customizations and Accessories in Calgary

Katskin Leather Car Interior
Heated Cooled Seats Calgary
Car Audio Calgary
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At Wright ReStyling, we offer professional, high-quality installation of the vehicle modifications that matter most to you in Calgary and surrounding areas.

It can be quick and simple to upgrade your experience in your vehicle. We offer vehicle modifications that can make any vehicle more comfortable and better suited to your lifestyle. That includes new leather interiors or upholstery repair, new audio systems, heated seats, cooled seats and remote car starters. Don’t go without the car customization features that you’ve always wanted for your vehicle.
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Katzkin Leather Interiors

Few things say luxury like real leather interiors in your vehicle. You can get fully customized and high quality leather seating installed by professionals with a warranty from Katzkin. You can match an OEM style, or you can choose your own colour and pattern for your seating and other interior surfaces. We can add Katzkin leather interiors to most domestic and mid import vehicles on the road today.
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Katszkin Leather Interiors

Remote Car Starters

While some consider a remote car starter a luxury, others consider them necessities in a Calgary winter. Get a properly installed high-quality remote starter that heats up your vehicle without making it vulnerable to theft. You can turn on your vehicle with the push of a button and then simply wait for it to warm up, making any morning commute or evening journey much more comfortable.
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Compustar 2wt12 Remote Starter

Car Audio Installation

You don’t need to invest in a higher-end vehicle or a new vehicle just to get the sound system that you crave. We can point you to the best aftermarket vehicle sound systems to work with your vehicle and provide the sound quality that you’re looking for.

Let us customize your entertainment with superior quality and installation experience to elevate your driving experience.
Car Audio & Video Accessories


IGLA is a unique device designed to protect your car against theft or carjacking. It offers
an innovative mechanism of door locking via the car's standard circuit conduit, so there is no additional wiring to be easily found by thieves.

Heated and Cooled Seats

Stepping into your vehicle should be comfortable. Heated seats add great luxury and comfort in the winter. Cooled seats do the same in the summer, especially for people who have leather seats in their vehicle. We can install high-quality heaters and coolers precisely where they are supposed to be, beneath the seat upholstery for great results in unpredictable Calgary weather.
Heated & Cooled Seats Options

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Reach out to us today for a free quote on any vehicle customization or car accessories you want in Calgary.

At Wright ReStyling, we offer a wide variety of vehicle customization and accessories in Calgary.

On top of our leather interiors and upholstery repair services, we can help you choose driver safety devices, laser and radar defence systems, lighting accessories and more!
Our team won’t push you into vehicle upgrades that you don’t want. Instead, we’re here to make the vehicle modifications you do want as simple, high-quality, and quick as possible.