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Heated and Cooled Car Seat Installation in Calgary

Aftermarket heated car seats and cooled car seats can both be properly installed by the professionals at Wright ReStyling.

Wishing you were driving a vehicle with heated or cooled seats? In a Calgary winter, few things are as comfortable as a heated seat. And our summers can be so intense that air-conditioned car seats are also a very comfortable feature. If you bought a vehicle without these great options, you can still get them installed.

We can help you make your driving experience better, whether you have your eye on a summer road trip or just want to make your morning commute warmer in the middle of winter.
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Heated Cooled SeatsSeat Cooling Heating Switches

Aftermarket Heated Seats

Heated seats are a real boon in the midst of a Calgary winter. The heater beneath your seat will work much faster than the overall heater in the vehicle. Even if you have an automatic starter and always have time to let it warm up the vehicle before you sit in it, heated seats can still make you more comfortable. You can choose from several quality aftermarket options which are installed properly, beneath the leather or other material in your seats. They also come with controls, instead of just turning on and off, so you can control the level of heat in your seats.
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Cooled Car Seats

Who doesn’t wish their car seats were cooler in the summer? Sometimes you can’t avoid parking in the sun and, when you’re wearing shorts, you can even burn your skin on the seat. Getting cooler seats is a great comfort, and sometimes feels more like practicality than a luxury.

Those who have always wanted leather seats but know that they get too hot in the summer for their personal comfort will love the solution of air-conditioned car seats. This is also a good solution if you don’t have access to a garage or covered awning to park your vehicle in. We might be known for our winters in Calgary, but you can also make the summers more comfortable with cooled car seats.

Have questions regarding aftermarket heated and cooled car seats in Calgary? Contact us today!

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Why Choose Professional Installation?

Adding heated seats to a car is challenging, and so is adding air-cooled seats. It requires electrical work, taking off your seat materials, and placing and wiring the heating and cooling elements properly. This isn’t usually a task that vehicle owners feel confident doing themselves, but the team at Wright ReStyling is here to help.

We offer professional-level support for every aspect of your heated and cooled seat installation. We can install your heaters to a high degree of precision and ensure that you are getting the manufacturer warranty that you’re paying for with the heater or cooler. Plus, we’ll support you after your installation and help you troubleshoot in the rare case that you have any issues with your heated or cooled car seats moving forward.

Do You Need Heated and Cooled Seats?

Heated car seats and cooled car seats are certainly great vehicle features to have, between Calgary’s cold winters and intense summers.

At Wright ReStyling, we can help you with many vehicle upgrades, including installation of heated and cooled seats. Reach out to our team today!