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Lumbar Support Installation in Calgary

Are you a car enthusiast? Do you want to have a sporty, luxurious car interior?

Or perhaps you have back pain during or after your drive. Maybe you take long trips, and you need that extra comfort. Here at Wright ReStyling, we can help.
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Supporting your Spine

It’s no secret that proper lumbar support leads to a number of positive outcomes. First and foremost, it helps you feel better. If you have ever experienced back pain, one possible remedy for the discomfort you feel is – you guessed it – a better seat. This goes with office chairs, etc., but sometimes we forget that we spend so much time in our cars that the quality of our car seat can have a huge impact!

But seats with lumbar support don’t just fight discomfort. They look great. They feel great. You, and your passengers, will notice the quality. You, and your passengers will notice the style. Everyone who sits in your car will feel that feeling of ease and lightness and will appreciate your quality interior.

But the benefits don’t stop at your spine. The seat is like a hug for your back and supports you on your ride. You really can transform your car into something more like a race car. That feeling of a premium seat just feels good. It’s what your car deserves.

Quality Car Seats

If you are looking for lumbar support, we have the solution for you. There are a number of options, including both power and manual options for lumbar support – which means you get to choose your level of support and comfort.

These are quality car seats that can fit your budget, and that can completely transform how you think and feel about your car. For a comfortable ride, a seat with properly installed lumbar support is the difference you are looking for.

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Drive Comfortably

To get you on the road in comfort and style, we will first complete an assessment. Working alongside you, we will determine the wiring, foam, and seat cover modification. And we know what we are doing – making you feel comfortable wherever the road takes you. You really can trust our experts to get you seated and supported with premium seats.

You should also know that we care about your comfort; we aren’t amateurs at installation; and we would recommend only the best installers for the quality that you desire. This isn’t an easy job, because there are so many factors involved, and here at Wright ReStyling, we want to get it just right. We have the experience. We have the tools. All we need is your go-ahead.

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Back Pain Be Gone

Back pain doesn’t affect everyone, but as we age, it’s likely to occur for some people. There are many factors that can cause back pain, but a dose of prevention is recommended. Even if you don’t have back pain, choose a quality seat now and reap the benefits for years to come. Don’t wait; treat yourself to a quality seat that you will feel good in. Are you ready to feel better on the road? Contact us today.