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Car Lighting & Power Upgrades

Keeping You Safe Is Our Priority

Increase occupant safety at night or in low visibility driving conditions. Increase your reaction time by being able to spot potential hazards and wildlife sooner, as well as navigate curves more easily. Whether you want better visibility in our darker winter months, on rural roadways, or just so you don’t fail to see a pedestrian crossing, this premium lighting upgrade is exceptional!

Better lighting provides advance awareness of hazards down the road wildlife may leap across the highway unexpectedly. Every second count.
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Lighting Upgrades

Talk to us about how to drive safely at night or in low visibility with industry-leading HID headlight conversion kits and automotive lighting solutions.

By adding these, you’ll have more time to react to unforeseen hazards and unexpected road conditions.

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Add Better Lighting for Safer Driving

Your driving comfort and safety are the core of our business. With the roads being busier than ever, there are more accidents. One of the big factors in accidents is poor visibility because of weather conditions or fog. The right lighting will make all the difference to your ability to see and add to your safety, as well as enhance the appearance of your vehicle. If you have night visions problems, better headlights can make all the difference.
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The Right Lighting Options for Your Driving Experience

Depending on where you live and what kind of driving you do, there are a range of options to improve your experience while on the road. Talk to us if you want to upgrade your headlights to HID, add fog lamps, enhance your street vehicle or install a light bar on your off-road vehicle. We offer custom installation and experienced installers along with a wide range of products, including daytime running lights and waterproof LED Accent Lighting.

H.I.D and LED Retrofit Headlight Kits

  • Up to 3x brighter than Halogen headlights
  • The light output replicates noon day sunlight, the whitest light on the spectrum
  • Bulbs typically last up to 5x longer
  • Whatever your vehicle-car, motorcycle or industrial equipment, we have a solution.