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Marine Audio Installation

Competitive prices and a wide range of audio system components to suit your boat audio system needs.

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Boat Speakers

Boat Speakers

When you’re the captain of your boat you know how important it is to keep the crew happy. Keep the tunes bumping with a great set of speakers from Wright ReStyling.
High Quality Sound

High Quality

Marine speakers don’t just need to sound good – they need to last. Our speakers are built specifically for the tough marine environment, so you can count on dependable performance onboard.
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Speakers with LEDs

Our speakers are built for marine use and styled to suit any boat, these rugged plastic grilles feature built-in multi-color LED accent lighting that you can adjust to suit the mood.
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Factory installed marine audio systems often can’t deliver the type of sound you’re after while on the water. Enhance your watercraft’s audio sound by adding upgraded speakers and subwoofers that capture the range of vocals and instruments. We offer competitive prices and a wide range of marine audio system components to suit your marine audio system needs. Talks to us today for your marine audio installation needs.
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Our amplifiers will power an entire 8 speaker cabin setup and still have some leftovers. They bring a lot of power to your stereo system where it’s needed most. The CABIN and BASS! These amps have been upgraded to withstand the harsh marine environment.
Bluetooth Speakers

Head units

Seamless integration of quality components for concert-like sound makes all the difference when you’re on the water. Upgrade to your factory-installed system with the newest audio advancements or go all the way with a new system from our large range of the most recent audio technology.
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Marine Control Centers

Technology moves quickly and it can seem like manufacturers are forever shifting the goalposts. We have come to the rescue with the innovative Control Centres. These handy units supports the widest array of smart phones, media players and USB devices on the market. You can enjoy on-the-water entertainment from an extensive range of Apple, Android and Windows smartphones.