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Changing Times: Mobile Electronics in Calgary

Changing Times: Mobile Electronics in Calgary

There is one constant that is assured in the Automotive industry in Calgary, that constant is change. There are influences within Calgary and outside that have positive and negative effects on which way the industry will tip. In the 21 years, our company has been in business, Wright Restyling has seen many changes. Political and economic influences of course play a large part in what dictates the market. As a business, it is important to make decisions based on these drivers (Pardon the pun) to ensure you can continue to exist. Unfortunately, there are going to be those businesses in Calgary for a multitude of reasons that will falter and fail. It happens with small to large businesses, the new start-ups to the decade-old institutions.

With all the challenges, of these exceptional times we live in now, business ownership has definitely become more challenging. A casualty of recent is one of the institutions in Calgary’s automotive service sector, Autotemp Air and Sound. Established in 1976, Autotemp had been servicing Calgarians with quality mobile electronic products and workmanship. Unfortunately for reasons not known to me, Autotemp made the difficult decision to close its doors on all locations across Alberta, including its wholesale distribution facility, ACS Distributions in January of this year. Autotemp was one of the ‘go-to’ shops in Calgary for remote starters, custom audio, security systems, back-up cameras, etc. Our company, Wright Restyling, specializes in custom leather interiors and a small amount of mobile electronics. We recognized, with the exit of Autotemp from the marketplace, that there would be an opportunity to expand our services. By taking over the phone numbers and website of Autotemp’s two Calgary locations, their past customers could continue to find a home to get the same quality services.

From the inception of the aftermarket mobile electronics industry, the marketplace has shifted considerably. Vehicle technology has become increasingly more sophisticated with a large focus on collision avoidance, connectivity, and the driving experience. In following the vehicle manufacturer’s lead, the aftermarket industry has produced products that can assist owners of vehicles without these new options to be able to upgrade. As these new aftermarket products become available we research and test them to make sure we are continuing to give our customers reliable quality products. Our commitment is to assist our customers to elevate the pleasure and ease of driving while providing a positive customer experience and quality products. We look forward to earning your business.