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Dynamat: Sound Deadening Material

Have you ever been driving along and find yourself zoning out to the sound of the soft humming of your engine or blasting your music to drown out the road noise? Well there is a solution, and it’s called Dynamat.

Dynamat is designed to reduce engine and road noise to give that luxurious sound of a quiet ride. In addition, with a quiet car, the quality of sound your stereo produces will be enhanced, allowing you to hear more of the music.

One would ask the question why? To this I say, when you are enjoying the true listening experience of a quality recording at home in your theater you do it in an environment that is void of any outside noises. This is ideally what we are trying to create of the listening experience within your car. After all where do you spend most of your time listening to music?

How Does Dynamat work?

First you need to understand what causes road noise. Road noise is a combination of vibro-acoustic energy (vibrations), created from moving parts in the engine and from tires rolling on the road being transferred to the vehicle’s chassis (doors, roof, floor etc.). Dynamat has created a line-up of products that transform that vibro-acoustic energy into silent energy.

Dynamat Xtreme

Dynamat Xtreme is made of a light-weight, elastomeric, butyl and aluminum constrained-layer comprising a vibrational dampener. In other words, materials, when combined will convert the vibro-acoustic energy to silent energy. In english, this will make your vehicle a much quieter ride from the vibrations being absorbed into the Dynamat. Xtreme is a moldable sheet that will adhere to sheet metal and many other solid surfaces. To apply you simply strip down your cars panels, carpet or liner and apply the Dynamat straight to the metal framework of the vehicle. This is the most commonly used form of Dynamat in automobiles. At Wright Restyling we carry Dynamat Xtreme in several amounts, ranging anywhere from a simple speaker kit to the 72 square foot Mega Pack.


Dynaliner is a high performance open and closed cell insulation. Comprised of a polyether, urethane-based, thermo-acoustic foam, Dynaliner is a great sound dampening insulator. Acoustic foams rely on their ability to transfer sound waves into heat energy. By using an open and closed cell construction, Dynaliner can absorb and dissipate sound waves consistently throughout the foam. Weighing only 0.08lbs/f², Dynaliner is ultra-light weight, and when combined with Dynamat Xtreme you get a superiorly quiet vehicle.

The Hoodliner

is an acoustic foam that has a similar open and closed cell construction to Dynaliner, but has a reinforced aluminized facing and pressure sensitive adhesive on the application side. Designed to be applied under the hood of your vehicle it can withstand more extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +140 degrees Celsius. When applied in conjunction with Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaliner your vehicle will become the extremely quiet ride you only get in today’s luxury vehicles.