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How to prevent being pulled over for Speeding

It is simple = Don’t speed… But is that realistic?

Speeding Tickets

We have all gotten a speeding ticket we did not deserve and this is the very reason why you should have a radar detector.

When is it acceptable to Speed?

The law states that: “It is not acceptable to speed”. But we all do it (speed that is) sometimes without even knowing. Most speeding tickets are awarded to unsuspecting drivers that had absolutely no clue what the speed limit was or that the speed limit had changed from 100 KM/hour down to 60 KM/hour. Speed Traps are often set up in these areas to catch unfamiliar drivers of this change. If you had a Radar Detector on you would have the advance notice of an early warning system in place to advise you that there is a speed trap ahead. The alerting sound of a Radar detector is cause for you(the driver) to pay particular attention to your driving style.

If you have ever fought a speeding ticket in court than I don’t have to tell you that "ignorance of the law is not an acceptable excuse."

A radar detector is not a "License to Speed" but an early warning system to those of us who should have a requirement to drive above the actual posted speed limit for a short period of time. These occasions are rare if you have left with plenty of time to get to your destination. More often than not we find ourselves behind schedule and stuck behind a slow moving vehicle that we need to get around. In all likelihood, when it is safe to pass, we find our speed has climbed above the posted limit while passing that slow moving vehicle. Wouldn’t it be better to know before you tried to pass a speed trap lies ahead?

We were all taught to drive defensively. A radar detector is an aid to assist us with that task.

What is a Radar Detector?

A radar detector alerts the driver by using audio and visual warnings, such as flashing lights and beeping noises whenever you're approaching an officer who is using traffic radar to look for speeders. Radar detectors are able to detect traffic radar used to observe your driving speed. They measure the speed of an object by bouncing a radio wave off of the object and back to the device, weather hand held, vehicle mounted or stationary like a traffic camera.

Most radar detectors detect – X, K, Ka & Laser. Some have voice guidance & some radar detectors have GPS for red light & speed cameras. GPS radar detectors are able to communicate with the satellites & share info to other drivers with GPS Radar capabilities’ to give them advanced warning without having to be within range of the device. Some radar detectors can be tailored manually or automatically to cancel out false warnings on frequent routes. There are even a select few radar detectors that are undetectable.

The best radar detectors have most or all of theses features.

There are even custom installed ones for those who don’t want anything on there dash or on there windshield for a clean & out of sight install. You can even get ones that DETECT & JAM signals or even add a JAMMER to some dash mount units.

We do not sell Radar Detectors to promote speeding. Remember it is your responsibility to obey the laws and don’t forget to drive defensively.

Ask yourself, Do I Need a Radar Detector? In a perfect world, no. If you're driving the speed limit, as all drivers should, there is little reason for you to need the benefit of the advance warning of a radar trap just around the bend. However, if you tend to accelerate every now and then without realizing it, as many of us do during long stretches of highways, a radar detector might be a wise investment.

Once your have earned yourself that expensive citation for driving beyond the posted speed limit, it is too late, you own that slip of paper and not a radar detector.

Where Can I Get One of These Driving Aids?

If you're going to purchase a radar detector, jammer, or laser shield of some sort, make sure you shop around for the best quality rather than the lowest price. There's no advantage to spend money on something that may or may not prevent you from earning a speeding ticket. Many radar detectors are available online but be aware of the hidden costs for crossing the border into Canada. The other caution when buying online is after sales service. I would recommend a shop that sells and knows radar detectors well. Here you can ask questions from the experts that know the various options and comparisons available as well as hassle-free warranty service if needed.

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