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Top 5 Remote Start Questions

During the cold season, remote starter is a real lifesaver for motorists. In addition to saving you time waiting for your car to warm up, so you can drive off, it will also warm up your windows and windshield when you arrive.

But before you buy a remote car starter, it is worth learning more about it to dispel all doubts. In this article, we want to answer the 5 most popular questions about remote starters.

What are the advantages of Compustar over the factory remote starter?

  • Range — The Compustar remote starter has a longer range than the factory starter. With the factory starter, if you forget to lock the door, you have to go back to the parking lot. The Compustar has a range of up to 3 miles.
  • More functionality — there are 2-Way remote starters Compustar that let you know the success of a remote start or lock with an audible alarm and visual cue. This is especially important if you cannot see the vehicle you are starting.
  • An added layer of safety — our DAS-II safety sensor can detect impact, tilt and glass breakage and let you know.

How do remote starters work?

It is an electronic device installed in your vehicle that starts your engine without a key using your key fob or smartphone. It also starts the heater or air conditioner to keep your car comfortable when you’re ready to get behind the wheel. That said, a remote engine start prevents you from putting your car in gear or driving until you insert the key into the ignition, so you don’t have to worry about your car being stolen.

What components are needed to install a remote start on a car?

  • Control module — this is installed inside the car and executes all the commands you send from your remote or smartphone.
  • Bypass module — you need it to communicate between the control module and the car. It is a kind of «translator» so that our systems can speak the language of your car.
  • Long-range remote — so you can start your car from a long distance.
  • T-bolt harness (optional) — these have the advantage of greatly reducing the number of cuts/connections required for installation, and make it easier to remove the entire system if you decide to sell your car.
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Do Compustar remote starters work on vehicles with push-to-start systems?

Yes. Compustar remote starters can be customized to work with most vehicles, regardless of ignition type. The key is to let the installer know when remote start installation that your vehicle has this system.

Can I use my smartphone to start my car?

Yes, there is a DroneMobile app that activates Compustar’s remote start systems. To use this feature, you will need the Drone X1 module, which adds LTE and GPS connectivity to your vehicle.

Where to buy a Compustar remote starter

If you live in Calgary and would like to order a remote start Compustar, contact the experts at Wright Restyling. We will select a starter model that will be compatible with your vehicle and meet your requirements.

Our staff are skilled professionals who use state-of-the-art tools and programs to install and tune starters so that the unit will work properly and serve you for years to come.