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Is Remote Start Safe for My Vehicle?

Remote Car Starter is a convenient way to remotely warm up your vehicle in winter or cool it down in summer. With just one push of a button, by the time you get to the parking lot, the engine is ready to go, and the interior is at a comfortable temperature.

But how safe is Compustar remote start for your car? Won’t it accelerate wear and tear on the engine or battery? In short, it is completely safe if Compustar remote start installation was done by professionals. But if you want to learn more about the answers to the most common questions about starters, read the article below.

Can someone steal my car if I remote start it?

Many buyers ask, «How safe is it to leave your car alone on the street with the engine running? After all, it could be stolen!» Answer: the Compustar remote starter starts the engine just like a car key, but without the key itself in the ignition.

However, in order to drive the car, you must not only start the engine, but also unlock the starter system and disarm it. In doing so, the key must be in the ignition. If this is not done, as soon as someone presses the brake pedal to engage the gear, the engine will stall. Therefore, it is impossible to steal a car even with a remotely started engine.

Does the engine wear out faster when using remote starter?

Many people think that remote starting overloads the engine, but this is not true. The engine responds the same way to both manual and remote starts. Therefore, there is no reason to overload it.

In addition, some motorists are in a hurry in the morning and do not have time to wait for the engine to warm up properly. And in cold weather, engine oil thickens and flows more slowly, reducing its ability to dissipate heat. If you remotely start the engine while you’re about to walk to the car, the oil will have time to warm up well and be able to run more efficiently by the time you arrive, and the load on the engine will conversely be reduced.

Is the remote starter draining the battery?

The Compustar starter uses no more battery power than a radio or tape player in a car. With the engine shut off, the remote starter needs enough current to send commands to unlock, lock, and start the engine, but that’s no more power than other electronic devices in the car require.

But also note that while most automakers equip cars with batteries that can support additional electronics, it’s best to still check the condition and age of the battery before installing it. Your battery may already be worn out, and the starter may be the last straw for it. To prevent this from happening, trust remote starter installation to our professionals.

What’s more, if you bought 2-Way Remote Starter Compustar with LCD or installed DroneMobile app, the device will send you a low battery alert when the voltage drops below 11.7V. So you will always be able to monitor your battery charge.

Where to order a professional remote start installation near me?

If you live in Calgary and would like to order a remote start Compustar, contact the experts at Wright Restyling. We will select a starter model that will be compatible with your vehicle and meet your requirements.

Our staff are skilled professionals who use state-of-the-art tools and programs to install and tune starters so that the unit will work properly and serve you for years to come.