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Best Remote Car Starters for Winter in Calgary

A reliable remote starter is one of those items that can make every motorist’s life more comfortable, especially in the cold winter. It will allow you to turn on the warming of your car remotely, when you are still just walking to the parking lot from your home or office. And when you get into your car, it will already be warmed up and ready to go.

Driving in winter is less comfortable than in summer. In our regions, the temperature drops significantly, the car freezes, and you have to spend time waiting for it to warm up and you can drive. Remote car starter solves this problem — press a button while you are at home or in the office and the warm-up starts. By the time you finish your coffee, get dressed and walk to the parking lot, the engine will be warmed up and ready to go, and you’ll be in a warm cabin and ready to go.

If you’re looking for a reliable starter manufacturer, Compustar is the best choice. This company has been on the market for over 20 years, and in that time, it has earned a reputation for offering motorists convenience, innovation, quality, and comfort.

Why choose Compustar remote starters

Unlike many 1-way remote starters, the features of Compustar starters are not just about warming up your car, but also keyless access, security system and the ability to be controlled from your smartphone via an app.

The top 3 Compustar remote starters that will keep you comfortable this winter.

The best-selling — 2WG15

This model is bought most often, and deservedly so! The [2-Way Remote Starter] G15 is simple, intuitive and easy to use. It has 4 buttons: lock, unlock, trunk opening and remote start. An important difference of this model is an audible and visual confirmation of the transmission of commands to the car. If the car successfully received your command, the indicators on the remote will light up, and you will hear a beep.

Remote starter G15 is made in a durable case, which is not afraid of cold or snow and will be your reliable helper in winter. If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive, but reliable starter, choose this model!

The most durable — T12

If you live in a region with very harsh winters and frequent cold weather, or if you need durable items that can withstand falls, the T12 starter is the perfect choice. It has a highly durable molded case with an IPX-7 water resistance rating, so it’s not afraid of the rain, snow, or bumps.

The T12 does not have a proximity unlock feature, but it does have a maximum range of 3 miles. You can remotely start your car’s engine even from the woods or mountains! And by the time you get there, the cabin will already be warm.

The longest range action — Q9

This model is equipped with an LCD and DroneMobile X1-LTE interface. Now you can remotely know the status of your car! You will see if the doors are locked or if the engine is running.

The remote starter has 5 intuitive control buttons, which you can use to open and close the car, as well as the trunk, and start the engine. In the center is the Engine Start/Stop button, which mimics the lock, unlock, and remote start functions of the Compustar one-button remote. The remote also gives access to two auxiliary outputs to control the power sliding doors in the minivan or the sunroof in the SUV.

Where can I order a remote start installation Compustar?

If you’re interested in purchasing and installation remote starter, you’re in luck — Wright Restyling gives you those options. We offer genuine Compustar remote start models, and we also provide professional installation of this device. By ordering from us, you are investing in your convenience and comfort, saving a lot of time in the future of your daily routine.