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Upgrade Your Automotive Car Audio Experience

Do you love quality music in your car, but the factory car audio doesn't pull the level you need? Do you have your own ideas and requirements for a music system, but can't find the right one in stores? Contact the experts at Wright Restyling!

Wright Restyling offers you car audio installation of premium quality. Whether you just want to enjoy your music on the way to work or you want truly powerful sound, we can find the right components for you.

Our car audio upgrade experts will not only offer you a large selection of car audio, help you choose and find what fits your needs, but also do a professional installation.

What you'll find at Wright Restyling

— Speakers — find the best speakers to make your sound richer m fuller. We can upgrade your factory system as well as offer competition options.
— Subwoofers — a wide range of choices, from discrete to rumbling in the trunk, to give you really powerful bass to goosebumps.
— Dash receivers with tons of features — wireless Android and Apple connectivity, navigation, star cues and more.
— Amplifiers and equalizers — make your sound better and more powerful, whether you have a car or truck.
— Enclosures — put your entire audio system where you want it. Whether you want stealth or car show, our craftsmen will install everything securely and conveniently.

Wright Restyling's craftsmen have undergone specialized training and are certified audio system specialists. We will not only select the components you need, but also install them in a way that successfully integrates the new components with your existing electronics. You can also upgrade your interface with wireless options, install satellite radio — tell us your needs and we'll find the best option!

Book a consultation with us to finally modernize the sound in your vehicle!