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Maximize Your Experience With the Right Automotive Audio

Maximize Your Experience With the Right Automotive Audio

Enjoy every second of listening to music by upgrading your car audio equipment

Even if the manufacturer didn’t equip your car with a quality audio system, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy powerful sound while driving. There are many different car audio systems on the market today, among which you will find something that will fit your lifestyle and your car’s sound requirements. We have speaker system from reputable brands to suit every budget, from economical to premium.

What we offer

Car speaker upgrades is one of our popular services. We know how to make your car more modern, up-to-date with the latest technology and your requirements. We keep an eye on the vehicle sound system market to offer you the latest and best solutions for car audio upgrades.

How we can improve your sound

In our range of products for aftermarket car audio systems you will find everything you need:

— Dash receivers — if your car is getting old, but you don’t want to replace it, but still want to enjoy modern features? Modernize it with an instrument receiver. With it, you can get GPS navigation, streaming compatibility, and visual cues.
— Speakers — A richer, fuller sound will allow you to enjoy your favorite music while driving without missing a single note or bass.
— Amplifiers and equalizers — these can be used to improve the sound quality of the factory audio system, making it more powerful.
— Subwoofers — A basic upgrade or a fully upgraded subwoofer cabinet system will boost the bass frequencies, allowing you to feel the full power of your favorite music. Subwoofers can be installed in any vehicle. It can be a compact under-seat version or a larger enclosure to fit in the trunk.

Why you should contact us

At Wright Restyling, we offer a range of high-quality after-market car parts and accessories, including driver safety systems, LED headlights, audio upgrades and more. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you upgrade your ride in a safe and legal way.