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Benefits of a Remote Starter

Winters in Canada can be very harsh. And one of the most frustrating things for any motorist is freezing in the car while it's warming up. In summer, the problem is the opposite — you sit in the cabin and wait for the air conditioner to cool it, all the while you are hot and stuffy. But you can save your time and nerves with a handy device — car remote starter. 

With the remote starter, you can turn on the car heating or cooling from your home or office. By the time you get to your car, it's already at a comfortable temperature inside, so you can get in and drive right away.

And the Compustar PRO G15 two-way remote starter includes two useful functions at once - remote start and car unlocking.

Advantages of Compustar PRO G15 car remote starter:

  • Multifunctionality — you can remotely warm up or unlock your car with one motion.
  • Save time — when every minute counts, there's no time to wait for your car to warm up. Now you can do it remotely.
  • Reliability — the starter is made of a high-strength housing that will withstand falls, bumps and is not afraid of moisture.

Car remote starter installation from Wright Restyling is your contribution to your own comfort, productivity and good mood. Request a quote to have us make your routine more enjoyable.

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