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7ft Catstrap & Cateye Bundle for gas & hybrid vehicles

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CatsTrap & Cateye Bundle includes both the Cateye and the 7ft Catstrap for maximum protection. The 7ft Catstrap for gas or hybrid vehicles is commonly used to protect 4- and 6-cylinder engine cars and small SUVs:

  • 1 Catstrap (7 ft long - Shown Coiled):
  • Our upgraded design features triple layers of ultra-hardened strip steel, protecting the length of the exhaust pipe and converter with an impenetrable cutting strip.
  • Patented design features moving steel layers that recoil the blade and make it difficult to focus the cutting area. 
  • Best-in-class success rate of over 99.9% for more than 10 years. 
  • Bright orange warning strip provides an immediate visual deterrent. 
  • Built-in heat-activated adhesive strip (designed to bond to the converter body)
  • 10 Stainless Steel Ties
  • 2 Clamp Collars for the exhaust clamps on either side of the converter body
  • 1 Bright Yellow Warning Label
  • 1 year Warranty
  • Cateye Alarm Controller - Siren - Sensor Assembly
  • Transmitter FOBs


We offer the Cateye Bundle in both manual and automatic alarm configurations. The manual alarm option is controlled by a key fob to arm/disarm the system when parked vs. driving. The automatic alarm option automatically arms/disarms itself when the engine is off/on (no need to manually activate). 


Manual vs. Automatic Alarm Option

Use the following recommendations to select the best option for you:


Manual Alarm:

  • Best for RV's, plug-in hybrids, or any vehicle with electrical charging;
  • Best for cars with an automatic engine shut off feature when the vehicle comes to a complete stop;
  • Best for vehicles that are sitting off for long periods of time;
  • Best for vehicles that may have an old and/or unhealthy car battery. 


Automatic Alarm:

  • Best for daily driver cars/trucks and vehicles that are driven frequently;
  • Best where the automatic feature eliminates the need to remember to set the alarm daily. 


NOTE: The automatic Cateye automatically turns on and off when the engine turns off and on by sensing voltage at your battery. When the engine is running, voltage is higher, when engine is off, voltage is lower. The voltage thresholds are adjustable, however, we recommend it should only be used with healthy batteries for best reliability. It also includes a remote control fob for testing and deactivation purposes.



7ft Catstrap & Cateye Bundle for gas & hybrid vehicles

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