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IGLA anti-theft system

IGLA anti-theft system — simple and reliable protection for your car

IGLA anti-theft system — simple and reliable protection for your car

In big cities, there is always a risk of car theft. And modern thieves have learned not only how to break into car doors, but also how to manipulate individual key fobs. Therefore, experienced motorists should take care of the safety of their vehicle and try to leave it under supervision in the parking lot. But such an opportunity is not always available, so it is better not to take risks, and install an anti-theft system IGLA on the car.

What is this system?

IGLA is a device that uses an innovative mechanism for door locking. It does not require installation of additional wiring, it is enough to use standard electric circuits. This not only makes installation easier, but also makes the anti-theft system invisible to car thieves.

IGLA is small and can be installed anywhere in the car where there is power and CAN-BUS, even on the hood and trunk.

How does it work?

IGLA works on the CAN and LIN digital buses. It blocks power to the vehicle, and it will not be possible to start it. You’ll be able to disable the protection via your key fob, PIN or smartphone app.

System features:

— Locking the engine and transmission without interfering with the car’s control system.
— When you leave the car in the parking lot, the device goes into passive mode.
— Anti-Hi-Jack mode safely silences the engine in case of violent theft.

Advantages of IGLA anti-theft systems:

— Invisibility — IGLA system does not require additional wiring or modules, it is invisible to the unaware person, so the thief will not be able to find and disable it.
— No additional fobs or batteries are needed — you can use the ones you already have.
— Safety — IGLA is engine safe and doesn’t breach your car warranty.
— No additional and monthly fees — you only pay once when you purchase the system.

Our store offers you 2 models of IGLA: Single CAN-BUS Immobilizer and Dual CAN-BUS Immobilizer. If you don’t know which model is best suited to protect your vehicle, please contact our managers for advice. We will help you to choose an anti-theft device, install it and protect your car!

Take care of the safety of your car today with IGLA anti-theft system!