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Drone vs. Pro vs. Standard Remote Start: Pros and Cons   

Looking for that convenient remote start on cold winter mornings? Luckily, you have many more options than just adding a standard remote start to your vehicle.  

At Wright Restyling, we trust Compustar remote starters. Within this brand, there are several different kinds of starters, and the most advanced ones have features that may truly benefit you. Below, we’ll compare a standard remote start, the Pro model and a Drone model so you can assess which one has the features you need.  

Your Typical Remote Start 

The most basic remote starters for vehicles were certainly a revelation in their time. These are one-way remote control car starters. You have a fob, press a button, and your vehicle starts. However, the fob doesn’t confirm if the vehicle started, and it doesn’t give you much more control than just starting the vehicle. You also must be relatively close to the vehicle for the signal to reach it. Still, anything was better than getting out to your car in the dead of winter to start it up ten or more minutes before you had to leave the house. 

We’ve since progressed a lot further.  

Pro Remote Start Line 

The Pro remote starter line from Compustar offers many advantages, and customers often want us to compare the two so they know exactly what they are getting. The Pro line includes many different starter models, with various potential upgrades to features over the basic starter. Those potential features include: 

  • Two-way communication: The fobs for these systems can indicate to you that the vehicle did start up. It is a great feature that prevents people from popping their heads out the door to see if they have turned the car on
  • Increased range: You can use these remote starters from further away. Some allow you to start your vehicle from three miles away. This is useful for people whose workplaces have huge parking lots, who live on rural properties, or who find themselves walking far away from the vehicle for one reason or another
  • Proximity unlock: Some Pro remote starts have a feature called proximity unlock. If you have the fob on you while approaching the vehicle, it automatically unlocks

These are big improvements that significantly change the experience of starting your car. But most people will want to check out the Drone Mobile option before they make their decision. 

Contact the team at Wright Restyling and find out which type of starter is best suited for you.

Drone Mobile 

The Drone Mobile is the best remote start for most people. Instead of relying on a fob, it uses your smartphone. From the Drone mobile app, you can access a much greater range of features that make your vehicle so much more enjoyable and convenient, including: 

  • Remote start from anywhere 
  • Track your vehicle 
  • Monitor teen driving with a curfew alert 
  • Access vehicle history and alerts 
  • Get reminders about maintenance 
  • Receive push notifications about your vehicle 

Choose Wright Restyling 

The experts at Wright Restyling can get you the perfect remote start, whichever one you prefer. Contact us to discuss each model further!