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Create Your Ultimate Car Audio Experience with Assistance from Wright Restyling

Do you want to upgrade your car audio?

Do you want to upgrade your car audio? But the car audio market is so huge, with so many devices and brands —  where do you start? How do you find something that will make your sound exactly the way you want it?

You need to turn to Wright Restyling! Our team of electronics and car audio specialists will match your equipment to your needs and budget.

We can offer you:
—  component upgrades
—  aftermarket accessories
—  individual selection of both amateur and competition-level systems

Our range includes original components from proven high-end brands. We will customize the components for you to build a unique audio system:
— Speakers 
— Subwoofers
— Enclosures
— Amplifiers and equalizers

Combine, according to your preferences, and we will tell you how to do it more efficiently and provide professional car audio installation to make the whole system work properly and coherently.

Car audio upgrade —  enhance your factory audio by installing a complete system with a wide range of options. A large selection of Bluetooth wireless connectivity solutions so you can quickly and easily connect to your audio system and listen to music right from your smartphone.

Love listening to the radio or podcasts on the go? We can set you up with satellite radio so you can keep up with news, sports, and music in real time.

Stop putting your enjoyment on hold! Don't settle for second-rate audio —  life is too short to listen to substandard music. Leave a consultation request and turn your every trip into a small party with clear and deep sound.