Upholstery Repair

Don’t want to replace the whole thing? Get small repairs fast!

Extend the life & quality your vehicle’s interior.

Today many vehicle owners are keeping their vehicles longer than they used to.

Unfortunately the materials on the interior may not hold up well over time. Wearing issues or accidents can occur taking away from your car’s appearance and resale value.

In some situations the foam in the seat cushion or backrest has lost its resiliency, or even the new car you just bought does not fit your body and is now causing you discomfort or numbness on a long drive.

We have access to many of the materials found in today’s vehicles as well as reproduction fabrics from older vintage cars through our supplier network.

Comfort solutions are also available, such as seat heaters and lumbar support systems. Whether you are looking to have a small repair done or change the look of your interior completely we can help!

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