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Vehicle Upholstery Repair in Calgary

We can help you by offering professional, high-quality and detailed car upholstery repair in Calgary.

The most-loved vehicles get scratches, spills and stains on their upholstery. Even if you’re exceptionally careful, eventually the upholstery in your vehicle will get worn and need repair. Restoring it to its old condition can be a great joy, especially for those who care about the look and feel of their vehicle interior because it contributes to their experience driving it.
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Your Vehicle Deserves Expert Car Seat Repair

Scratches, stains, wear, and fading can significantly impact the look and feel of your vehicle’s upholstery. These days vehicles have more upholstery than normal including in unusual spots, such as doors, dashboard sections, headliners and more. Your leather or cloth interior makes up much of the experience of your vehicle and also contributes to your comfort. Those with luxury vehicles, or who just want to enjoy their vehicle, should consider repair when parts of their upholstery begins to wear out.

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Repair or Replace?

Should you repair or replace your upholstery? It can be a hard decision. While repairing costs less, replacing can refresh the look of your interior. Here are some things to consider about the decision:
  • When you love the look: What if you love the OEM upholstery that came with your vehicle? We can let you know if we can replace it exactly, or if you would be best attempting a repair to try to restore the original look.
  • When you’re selling the vehicle: If you’re about to sell your vehicle it usually doesn’t make sense to completely replace the upholstery unless its condition is very bad or it would make the vehicle significantly more appealing to a buyer. Repairs are usually better in this case.
  • When you’re on a budget: Repairs are often a better choice when you’re on a budget. You can always address your most major issues with the upholstery now and come back to get minor issues repaired when you’re ready.

At Wright ReStyling we repair upholstery in Calgary, but we also install new Katzkin leather interiors, so we are well-positioned to give you honest advice about which service you should choose. We can let you know what a repair is likely to look like and how much more expensive a complete replacement will be, so that you can make the best decision for your situation.

Learn more about our Katzkin Leather Interiors.

Upholstery Car Repair

Why Get Professional Repair?

While you can attempt some degree of upholstery repair on your own, it isn’t always the best idea. We are professionals with the right tools and experience to make the most of the upholstery that you have now. When you want more consistent results for leather seat repair, and you want the repair area to work seamlessly with the rest of the seat, it is wise to choose professionals. At Wright Restyling, we can match your OEM upholstery exactly in colour, materials and pattern.
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Choose Us for Vehicle Upholstery Repair

When you need the upholstery repaired in your vehicle in Calgary, choose the convenience and peace of mind of working with Wright ReStyling. Request a free quote today and let us help you improve your vehicle upholstery!