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Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft with CATSTRAP™

Designed For Most Combustion Vehicles

There's a Catstrap for RVs | Gas & Hybrid Vehicles | Heavy-Duty Trucks
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Why You Need a Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Device

Catalytic converters are critical components of combustion-powered vehicles. These devices convert toxic fumes into safer forms of exhaust using special technology.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of their tech, they are highly targeted by thieves. Most catalytic converters contain precious metals that can go for up to $20,000 an ounce!

Luckily, Wright Restyling has the perfect solution for this rampant form of theft.

Two Layers of Catalytic Converter Protection

Each Catstrap for catalytic converters offers two levels of protection: an ultra-strong physical guard and an audible electronic alarm for maximum deterrence


  • Tough-to-cut barrier reinforced by steel cables
  • Layers of hardened steel
  • Specially engineered steel dulls and ruins saw blades
  • Cable construction makes it difficult for blades to grip
  • Neon orange colour adds a visual deterrent
  • Physically bonded to your vehicle’s exhaust pipe(s)


  • Infrared sensor detects tampering from thieves
  • 130 dB alarm pierces ears before cutting even starts
  • Alerts passersby of potential crime
  • Automatically activates when your engine turns off
  • Manually activate up to 100 meters away
  • Wireless installation

How it Works


The Catstrap binds to your vehicle’s exhaust and converter. Using a heat-activated adhesive strip, this innovative strap forms a strong bond with your vehicle’s critical parts.

Encased in the strap’s outer layers are three custom-hardened steel cables. These are 4.5X harder than stainless steel, making them extremely difficult to cut. Typical steel saw blades will also have trouble gripping the cables. These rods create a moving target, offering maximum cutting resistance. Even with a power saw, thieves will spend more time replacing chewed-up blades than making a meaningful dent in your exhaust pipe.

In addition to the steel cables, there are four layers of metals with varying strengths and hardnesses, ensuring one blade certainly won’t be enough.


The Cateye alarm uses a smart sensor that detects human tampering under your vehicle. The sensor will activate a 130 dB multi-pitch siren that exceeds the pain threshold for anyone nearby. Louder than a police siren, the Cateye draws attention from near and far, ultimately driving thieves from your vehicle before any damage can be done.

The Cateye alarm won’t be triggered by just anything. Instead, it’s programmed to first sense 5-15 seconds of “sustained, purposeful movement” to avoid false alarms set off by weather or small animals. In addition, it will turn itself off automatically 10 seconds after movement stops, so you don’t have to worry about it blaring all night long.

About our Catalytic
Converter Anti-Theft Kit

  • Catstrap sizes: 3ft, 7ft, 12ft, and a 2 X 5ft RV kit
  • 55 Rockwell-C hardness 

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