Car Audio & Navigation Systems

Competitive Prices & a Wide Range of Audio System Components to Suit Your Car Audio System Needs

Want the best in car audio?

Seamless integration of quality components for concert-like sound makes all the difference when you’re driving. Upgrade to your factory-installed system with the newest audio advancements or go all the way with a new system from our large range of the most recent audio technology.

Our team have a great deal of experience with car audio installation and repair of car amplifiers, car subwoofers, car stereo speakers and wireless Bluetooth sound system.

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Car Audio Solutions

Factory installed audio systems often can’t deliver the type of sound you’re after in your vehicle. Enhance your car audio sound by adding upgraded speakers that capture the range of vocals and instruments. We offer competitive prices and a wide range of audio system components to suit your car audio system needs.

Car Audio Installation – The final touch

Our technicians can configure and fine-tune the sound to your individual preferences and taste. Once everything is installed, we optimize the system so all the components are performing at their very best. It’s our attention to these details that has our customers coming back to us repeatedly.

Onboard Navigation Systems

One of the most dangerous things to do while driving is to use your cellphone. We’ve all seen people using them — texting or talking or trying to navigate. Besides the fact it could mean an accident, it’s illegal in most places.

Find your destination and be safer with an onboard Navigation System.


Does the mapping system work better than my smartphone's?

Yes, the mapping software is definitely superior and the system also uses an external GPS antenna, so your location is placed more accurately. The technology keeps advancing so there are also many options you can add to your Navigation systems such as real-time traffic rerouting and satellite radio, among many others. We offer a range of systems and the expertise to help you choose the right system.


How does a navigation system Work?

Navigation systems use a network of approximately 30 satellites that orbit the Earth from about 20,000 km. The system was originally developed by the U.S. government for military navigation but is now available to anyone who has a navigation device. The satellites transmit the information which can be viewed on a screen in your vehicle.