Your personal safety and car security is our concern.

Peace of mind

Rest assured your vehicle and its contents are secure with our very reliable car alarm systems and expert-recommended layers of security using the most recent innovations.

In addition to remote car starters, we also offer stand-alone and combination security/remote starter system installation designed to keep your vehicle’s security components hidden from thieves.

Car Alarm

How does your system protect my vehicle?

To safeguard your vehicle, we protect the entry points — doors, hood and trunk/hatch — which causes the car alarm system or car security system to activate. We connect with your vehicle’s parking circuits so they begin to flash and draw attention, if someone tries to break in. We also mount LED warning lights on the interior to warn thieves your vehicle is protected.

Complete protection for your vehicle

If you want to add additional layers of car alarm system or car security system,
Wright Restyling offers sensors which can be added to your car security system:

Impact sensor

This is also known as a shock sensor and senses when glass is smashed, vehicle doors handles or locks are tampered with or other areas of impact.

Digital motion sensor

This ideal to stop your vehicle from being moved by towing or from being jacked up to remove the tires.

Field disturbance sensor

The addition of this sensor protects open spaces such as in a truck bed, convertible, car with a sunroof or other area that doesn’t need a door for entry. It detects when objects are being introduced or removed from the open space.


Glass break sensor

This sensor is ideal for detecting the sound of breaking glass which is how many thieves break into a vehicle.


Compustar has been a true pioneer in the aftermarket automotive security and remote start industry. For over 10 years Compustar has provided independent and large retail chains with the most technological advanced remote start and security products.



3000-ft max range, water-resistant remote kit. Includes additional backup 1-way remote.

  • 3000′ Max Range
  • 2-Way LED Confirmation
  • Includes Backup 1-Way Remote
  • Water-Resistant
  • 1-Year Remote Warranty